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marketing tips for surgeons

Five Marketing Tips For Surgeons: Building Trust, Showing Skill, and Personal Branding

New Media Ghost’s marketing tips for surgeons will help you build trust through your personal brand. From a patient perspective, it’s daunting how many indexes and websites there are to find private surgeons. You belong to a nexus of thousands of competing peers. What that means for you is that it’s not enough to be…
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Cosmetic Surgeons Need Better Marketing

Cosmetic Surgeons Need Better Marketing

Cosmetic surgeons need better marketing due to rise with FaceApp. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered FaceApp recently. In short, it’s a facial augmentation app. One of its features attempts to simulate how you’ll look in 50 years or so. Despite its simple premise,…
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snapchat dysmorphia

How Surgeons can Protect their Personal Brand from Snapchat Dysmorphia

19-year-old Maisie Hazelwood became the subject of public controversy after a wave of articles about her so-called ‘Snapchat obsession’ dominated the media. The Mirror and the Mail were quick to pen pieces about Hazelwood’s destructive relationship with the social media app, which allows users to digitally clear up blemishes and other undesirable traits. You might…
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top 5 linkedin tips for surgeons

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Surgeons’ Personal Brand

Enhancing surgeon’s personal brand has become essential for today’s market, whether you’re a business or an individual.  We already have a personal brand from how people perceive us, so it’s about making your profile stand out. As promised at the RCS, Surgeons In and Out of Theatre Conference, below are our top 5 LinkedIn tips…
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surgeons are switching online

Surgeons are Switching Online

An increasing number of surgeons are switching online after recognising the critical role that digital technology plays in enhancing their professional journey. At New Media Ghost, we’ve observed a significant shift in the mindset of medical professionals, who are now eager to master the art of online engagement. This transformation is not just about keeping…
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surgeons preparing for consultancy

Surgeons preparing for Consultancy

Preparing for Consultancy Conference by The Royal College of Surgeons, England  Last week was an extremely busy week, teaching clients how to use their Pinterest account and how to get the best engagement. Then we had client meetings to ensure their personal brand is on track! The excitement of New Media Ghost’s banner arriving, which…
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