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Surgeons preparing for Consultancy

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surgeons preparing for consultancy

Preparing for Consultancy Conference by The Royal College of Surgeons, England 

Last week was an extremely busy week, teaching clients how to use their Pinterest account and how to get the best engagement. Then we had client meetings to ensure their personal brand is on track!

The excitement of New Media Ghost’s banner arriving, which is our first one (of many), took us to the end of the week.  

Royal College of Surgeons conference
New Media Ghost at the Royal College of Surgeons

On Friday we headed off to London, as proud sponsors at The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) – Preparing for Consultancy Conference. 

We met more surgeons, this time in the UK, and analysed how different the market is to the US.  However, we found it didn’t matter what side of the pond you were at; surgeons were combating similar topics and need to be all encompassing in their roles as consultants.

Richard Kerr, Neurosurgeon at Oxford University Hospital, opened the event followed by Derek Alderson, President of RCS. Both addressed issues faced by Surgeons and Consultants on a daily basis, such as how to embrace technology – this is paramount, considering the speed at which technology such as AI has advanced. 

Interestingly, the theme throughout the whole day with the different speakers was ‘communication is the heart of medicine’. This is true for whatever profession you’re in.

Here are some takeaways we discussed on the day with the Surgeons and Consultants.

  • Communicating to your audience helps build your personal brand and your business profile
  • Make sure whatever online and offline platform you use, there is access to a call to action area
  • If you’re holding a private practice, such as plastic surgery, reach beyond the location that you work at
  • Be the Consultant that your clients want to come to, by being found online 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues in other areas of surgery on building your marketing

It was a full day of speakers and workshops and a selection of exhibitors. We’re already looking forward to the next one. So, if you’re a surgeon or a consultant, look out for us.

If you would like more information, on how we can help your private practice, please contact us.  

NewMediaGhost sponsor at RCS, England
New Media Ghost: Sponsor at the Royal College of Surgeons