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Why We Are Different

Managing Digital Presence


Does your business work with a marketing service?

Do they…

• Deliver a set amount of content for a fixed price?

• Provide you with a limited amount of social media posts?

• Offer bundles or packages with non-negotiable services?

We don’t!

At New Media Ghost, we value our clients by understanding that each client is different.

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest?

How New Media Ghost Differs |


Many digital marketing services provide clients with a specific amount of content for a fixed fee. For example, some services will only provide you with a certain number of social media posts or blogs. These may be provided via packages or bundles determined by price, with word count limits and restrictions on the amount of content.

We believe this to be a generalised and rigid approach that fails to treat each client as unique. This approach also doesn’t account for the changing needs of businesses and individuals. Moreover, providing limited amounts of content for a fixed price may not get you the necessary results.

At New Media Ghost, we don’t like to restrict what we do for our clients. On the contrary, we take a flexible approach to content provision by listening to our clients and adapting our services accordingly.

During our initial consultation, we will agree upon the content you need. But we often go the extra mile by providing you with more content and seeking new opportunities for your marketing. We can work with your marketing team, if you have one, or as an extension to your business by providing you with hands-on support.

This approach has given our clients proven results. Indeed, client satisfaction is inherent to who we are. By listening to your goals and objectives, we will gain a better understanding of the needs of your business or personal brand, whichever you need help with. This enhances our content and helps us to manage your digital presence.


Our ethos underpins the work we do and is entirely based on the needs of our clients. We are determined to save time for our clients and ensure that they receive a return on investment. Whatever your goals or objectives, it is our mission to achieve them.

You will find that many marketing services only offer content provision and little else. But we at New Media Ghost want to see you thrive. That is why we support you through social media training, should you wish to learn from us. Furthermore, we are always on hand to respond to any queries you may have, ensuring you are satisfied with our services.

Whoever you are, our ethos remains the same. It is our duty to serve you or your business and we take pride in the results we have achieved thus far. We continually upskill our knowledge, which gives us the leading edge in what we do. As a result, we can provide you with new and innovative solutions for your business.

If there is a final point, it is this: New Media Ghost services are not bound by rigid packages or bundles. We do not limit the amount of content we provide to our clients. And we will do whatever it takes to ensure your needs are met.

Simply put…

New Media Ghost differs from other marketing services by:

Offering a flexible approach to content

Quality content development, not limited by packages or bundles

Respecting the uniqueness of clients

Clients are not numbers – we treat each individual client with the attention needed

Working with or without your marketing team

Collaborating with your marketing department, or as an independent service

Servicing your needs on a long-term or short-term basis

Discussing what you need first, then planning your strategy

Providing a personable and supportive service

Whether you wish to learn from us or just want us to get on with it, we offer a friendly and supportive working relationship

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