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Who We Are

Managing Digital Presence


New Media Ghost is a bespoke digital marketing service designed to help you build, communicate, and engage with your audience.

We work with all types of businesses for business growth and / or diversification, no matter the size. We work with individuals who wish to build their personal brand and engage with their audience.

Our goal is to serve you, by increasing your business through exposure and engagement.

An effective online marketing strategy is vital to ensure your business remains relevant in an ever-evolving, digitalised era.

Technology is here to stay – and so is your business…

Digital Marketing




Our focus is to build, communicate, and engage with your audience to help you expand your business. We achieve this by devising new and innovative marketing solutions to ensure your business has a first-class digital marketing strategy. We’re focused on the ‘doing’ and less on the paperwork. 

We provide an approach that benefits the customer journey of your business. Visualising the big picture to ensure our clients are well-served and well-engaged is one of many marketing offerings we provide. By identifying pitfalls in your strategy, we will implement changes to ensure you gain transformative results and a return on investment. 


From marketing operations to customer journeys, adhering to compliant and legal obligations and informing you of ideas and opportunities that you may not have thought about – New Media Ghost offers something you may have never experienced.

Ultimately, we want to save you time so you can focus on what you do best. By managing your digital presence, we will provide your business with credible digital marketing expertise. We can work with or without your in-house marketing team (if you have one) and service your needs either on a long-term or short-term basis. 

We have also helped individual clients, such as chief executives and small business owners, to improve and market their personal brand online. Whether you are an individual in need of a digital facelift, or a company seeking to grow your business, New Media Ghost is here for you.

Why Choose New Media Ghost Online Marketing?



We are upfront – you can manage your digital presence yourself.

However, by allowing New Media Ghost in managing your online marketing it means you don’t have to spend time trawling through the internet to find the solutions. New Media Ghost saves you time and money when managing your digital presence. We have the right experts at hand, providing your audience with a professional image of your business – think of us as an extension to your business

New Media Ghost can work with or without your in-house marketing team. We have worked with top line executives and a variety of businesses, specifically in technology, from Chief Executive Officers to private surgeons, small business owners, large organizations and restaurants. Whatever your story is, we at New Media Ghost are interested in hearing about you.

New Media Ghost is not an agency; we work with each client on a bespoke basis to meet their needs.

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