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Cosmetic Surgeons Need Better Marketing

Managing Digital Presence

Cosmetic Surgeons Need Better Marketing

Cosmetic surgeons need better marketing due to rise with FaceApp. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered FaceApp recently. In short, it’s a facial augmentation app. One of its features attempts to simulate how you’ll look in 50 years or so. Despite its simple premise, FaceApp has taken social media by storm. But FaceApp’s unprecedented success has proven more than just how curious we are about our older selves. FaceApp’s success could potentially mobilise an entire market of new patients towards your private practice. Strong personal marketing for cosmetic surgeons is vital; however, you will need a careful media presence to stand out as a surgeon.

It used to be that the Botox market consisted almost entirely of 40-59 year old women. Now the profile of a typical botox user is much harder to define. With apps like FaceApp and Snapchat providing a glimpse of the grim future to a younger audience, anyone with access to social media could be soliciting surgery. Adding their faces to such apps doesn’t stop there. This looking like the best or future version of yourself is endorsed by peers, when their thoughts are placed on social media platforms.

Think of Instagram and Facebook for all to engage with.  According to research by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the number of 19-year-olds receiving botox treatment has surged by 97% since 2011. More broadly, 70% percent of surveyed 18-24 year olds say they would consider Botox treatment.

Is the FaceApp Craze of Concern?

Tapping into that market, however, is not to be tried at home. Just like Snapchat dysmorphia, the FaceApp craze has sparked concerns about dysmorphic behaviours driving people towards surgeons, who may be accused of enabling a problematic culture. ‘“I’ve already seen a rise in patients seeking botox as a result of the app, and the age of these people is dropping significantly,” writes Dr Rekha Taylor, founder of Health & Aesthetics.

Given the complex and multivariate nature of ageing, it’s unlikely that FaceApp is providing a realistic depiction of age. Yet it scares young people into surgery regardless. So, whilst it’s true that there’s a world of new clients waiting for you, you’ll need the help of media professionals to protect your practice from controversy and expand your personal marketing. Luckily for you, that’s what New Media Ghost is all about.

We offer bespoke branding services and personal marketing for cosmetic surgeons, from your social media channels to your personal website. To maximise outreach, New Media Ghost will plan and execute a longitudinal social media and content strategy designed specifically for your needs. On top of that, we’ll undertake a personal marketing strategy on your behalf. Whilst you get to stick to what you’re best at, which is delivering top quality surgery, we’ll do all the media legwork. Book a consultation by clicking here.

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