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Managing Digital Presence

Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Restaurant Online

Are you looking to increase business? Looking to gain more customers? Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool in your restaurant’s marketing strategy. There are several benefits to Facebook marketing for restaurants, such as increasing online traffic, engagement, and exposure. Facebook is the leading social media platform in 2019, with 2.38 billion monthly active users.…
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Marketing your healthy food restaurant on social media

Meet the Demand for Healthy Foods by Marketing your Restaurant on Social Media

The rise of veganism has had a significant impact on the restaurant market. Restaurants are adapting to this trend by capitalising on an increased demand for plant-based foods. You do not want your restaurant to miss out on this rapidly growing market. Demand for meat-free food in the UK increased by 987% in 2017, with…
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digital marketing for restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants: How to Increase your Restaurant’s Exposure

We understand that competition is fierce in the restaurant business. That’s why it’s imperative to have a clear marketing strategy that brings consistent results. New Media Ghost can offer you the help you need to increase your restaurant’s exposure in your local area. Despite the current political and economic uncertainty, the restaurant market is growing;…
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Marketing tips for restaurants

8 Marketing Strategy Tips for Restaurants

At New Media Ghost, we offer a bespoke marketing service tailored to your needs. Here are 8 marketing strategy tips for restaurants to make sure your restaurant drives in more customers. 1.) Consistency One of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy is consistency. Whatever platform you are using, make sure your marketing is…
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Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants: Improving your Online Reputation

Online reputation is important for any business. We at New Media Ghost can help you with your online reputation management as part of our bespoke marketing service. We outline the importance of social media for restaurants and explore the ways in which we can improve your restaurant’s reputation through online reputation management. Why social media…
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Instagram for restaurants

Top 5 Tips for using Instagram in your Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy

What is the point of having the best food and drink in town if nobody knows about it? At New Media Ghost, we identify the right social media platform for your business. When it comes to restaurants, Instagram can be an incredibly important tool. Here, we explain why you should use Instagram in your restaurant’s…
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