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Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Surgeons’ Personal Brand

Managing Digital Presence

top 5 linkedin tips for surgeons

Enhancing surgeon’s personal brand has become essential for today’s market, whether you’re a business or an individual.  We already have a personal brand from how people perceive us, so it’s about making your profile stand out.

As promised at the RCS, Surgeons In and Out of Theatre Conference, below are our top 5 LinkedIn tips for surgeons on how to start optimising your personal brand.

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Surgeons’ Personal Brand profile

Tip 1 – You should be using your LinkedIn profile to engage with your community. Keeping it simple for your community to find you and for you to use your Linkedin page to brand you, it is time you thought about changing your URL. If you log on using your user name and password, you can scroll to the top of your LinkedIn page. It has your name and a string of numbers, well it’s time to make this memorable. 

Go to your profile page and on the top right you will see a link called change URL – change this to your name by removing the extending numbers. 

Tip 2 – Encourage visitors to your profile by adding a picture to the background of your profile. 

Pictures paint a thousand words and people rather see a picture than read reams of information, especially when they’re short on time. To show off what you do in an instant, use your background image to do the talking for you. Replace the plain image to 1584 x 396 pixels that can be uploaded in Jpeg.

Tip 3 – We encourage you to inform people in a snapshot of your expertise so that you stand out of the crowd. You can do this by adding your title next to your name. For example, (Your Name) Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. Click profile, navigate to the pencil icon on the top right. By clicking this you are able to change your title in the first box provided. 

Tip 4 – Your title – the area under your name. Explain what you do and more. If you’re trying to build a private practice you may want to state Consultant in XXX and experienced XXX or, Award winning XXX Consultant. By doing this you are growing your future area of expertise and building your personal brand in this area today. 

Tip 5 – Testimonials – others endorsing what you do is a massive benefit to your personal brand. Get your mentors, work colleague, other peers to provide a testimonial of what you do. You can send them a private message via LinkedIn. Click view your profile. Scroll down to the Recommendations. Click the pencil icon and follow the instructions. 

New Media Ghost is not an agency.  We work with individuals specifically to provide solutions to their personal profiles or, to their businesses. 

In an ever competing market, especially those in the healthcare sector, it is easy to fall behind in the online arena. This is usually due to time constrains being met by heavy working schedules or through the lack of know how on increasing your personal brand. 

If you are working for the NHS and your goal is to be part of a private practice in the future or, you may already have a private practice and are looking to increase your marketing to encourage more clients, contact us today. New Media Ghost will help you as a surgeon reach your online goals.

The USA is always a step ahead of the private practice curve for many reasons. Here’s an article written two years ago on Personal Branding that may interest you.