About New Media Ghost

Do you know what Social Media Platform is best for you? There is no one social media platform that will work for everyone. Each individual and business should focus on where their target audience is. Sometimes you may need to try out several platforms. It’s okay to be unsure, because that is exactly why New Media Ghost is here to help.

New Media Ghost works on the individual’s personal brand in the background, focussing on the client and the goals in complete confidentiality. The joys of working on social media and seeing how people engage with one another online is exciting. This is how the business started. Reviewing social media platforms and eliminating what doesn’t work, with a focus on what does work.  Who our clients are trying to engage with has become a healthy obsession. Finding the best solution and making it work is our passion.

Creating own brand profiles by working with top line executives from Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executives and Surgeons is how we got into this business – achieving online engagement for each individual. 

Building executives’ profiles to make contact with their network is exciting.  Creating their personal brand as an individual is key for many reasons, some of which include:

  • growing their business
  • building or managing own brand reputation
  • opportunities to change / find (new) roles
  • selling the business – mergers and acquisitions

Whatever your story is, we at New Media Ghost are interested in hearing about you.

Our services are provided so that you don’t have to think about the above. You have the time to concentrate on what you do best, whilst we provide you with a bespoke service for your individual needs and become your personal brand ghost.

This can sometimes lead onto working for the business. We review the online marketing efforts from an outside perspective, work with marketing teams to get the best for your business or to run specific campaigns as and when required.

The ultimate goal is to engage with the right audience for your business’ specific needs.

Engagement is big because social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and the likes are now encouraging online communities more than ever to engage. Having some paid for advertising is great, but wouldn’t you prefer to engage and understand what your audience needs rather than pushing lots of advertising when they don’t want it?

New Media Ghost is your personal brand ghost or we can work with you on your business with or without your in-house marketing team.

Today’s online community is a lot more savvy than they have ever been. With options offered by social media platforms to turn off specific advertising, it means that your advert may never get seen in front of your target market. This is why we are different. 

Your business is our business.

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