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What We Do

Managing Digital Presence


We at New Media Ghost provide innovative digital marketing solutions for businesses and individual clients. From private practice surgeons to technology companies, we offer bespoke services tailored to the needs of our clients.

At New Media Ghost, we like to think big on behalf of our clients. We transcend national borders to offer a truly global digital marketing service. We have proven results from clients in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Our services range from social media marketing to reputation management – whatever your needs, New Media Ghost has the experience to help you.


Our focus is to build, communicate, and engage with your audience to help you expand your business. We achieve this by devising new and innovative marketing solutions to ensure your business has a first-class digital marketing strategy. We’re focused on the ‘doing’ and less on the paperwork.

We provide an approach that benefits the customer journey of your business. Visualising the big picture to ensure our clients are well-served and well-engaged is one of many marketing offerings we provide. By identifying pitfalls in your strategy, we will implement changes to ensure you gain transformative results and a return on investment.

From marketing operations to customer journeys, adhering to compliant and legal obligations and informing you of ideas and opportunities that you may not have thought about – New Media Ghost offers something you may have never come across before.

Ultimately, we want to save you time so you can focus on what you do best. By managing your digital presence on your behalf, we will provide your business with credible digital marketing expertise and experience. We can work with or without your in-house marketing team (if you have one) and service your needs either on a long-term or short-term basis.

We have also helped individual clients, such as chief executives and business owners, to improve and market their personal brand online. Whether you are an individual in need of a digital facelift, or a company seeking to grow your business, New Media Ghost is here for you.


Our services are designed to guarantee results. New Media Ghost offers bespoke services to:

• Businesses
• Tech and SaaS companies
• Marine Engineers
• Private Practice Surgeons
• Chief Executives, and more…

We offer a wide range of services, depending on your needs. Following an initial consultation, we will assess your current marketing approach and recommend appropriate digital marketing solutions.

Whether you have some online experience or none at all, our aim is to help you. Once we have agreed a plan, we will implement a digital marketing strategy to meet your business objectives.

Our digital marketing strategies reflect the vision of our clients’ businesses. Your unique voice will be found in the content we develop for your website and in the posts people will read on your social media channels. We will always work to ensure your brand and message is consistent across your digital platforms.

But that’s not all. To effectively manage your digital presence, we will research your audience to understand their needs. This is crucial in providing an effective digital marketing strategy and is one of the first steps we will undertake on your journey with us.

Once we have understood your audience, we will develop enticing content to attract them to your online platforms or post your ready-made content to open up engagement.

Content and Engagement Digital Marketing


The content we provide includes blogs, articles, comment pieces, social media posts and more – all designed to engage your audience and increase the likelihood of sales. We continuously think about new ways to keep our content fresh. By posting content relevant to your industry, such as stories and news pieces, we will showcase your business as a credible voice in your community.

Whatever the content, we at New Media Ghost will work with you on your SEO to increase your online exposure. The visibility of your business on search engines is incredibly important; most website traffic is gained through user search. As a result of high-quality SEO, your business should see an improvement in online traffic and engagement.

Engagement is key – we will engage with your audience to improve your online reputation. By responding to customer queries, comments, reviews, or complaints on your behalf, we can restore credibility and professionalism to your business in the eyes of your audience. Engagement with your audience will also ensure improved customer relations, thus increasing the likelihood of new customers through social media mentions and recommendations.


Which brings us on to social media. If you are unsure of which social media platform is best suited to your business, fear not. We can set up your business on the relevant platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Analytics and data are also of importance; by tracking your social media engagement, we can identify areas of improvement and implement changes accordingly. For example, we can monitor what people are saying about you on social media and improve your communications strategy as a result.

At New Media Ghost, we guarantee you effective social media marketing by scheduling posts targeted at your audience at specific times. Our social media posts will evoke a tone of authenticity and authority, establishing your business as a credible voice or one that matches your brand.

We also offer social media training should you wish to take control of your own social media marketing. Our training is offered on a one-to-one basis to each individual or as a training session to your team tailored for your business’s needs. Social media training with New Media Ghost is highly personable, encouraging you to learn and develop by drawing upon our experience and expertise.

What We Do at New Media Ghost


In terms of experience, we have helped a variety of clients from all over the world achieve success. From the United States to Europe and the UK, we have proven results.

As content providers, we endeavour to have an in-depth understanding of your business and industry. This is to ensure our content is accurate and appropriate for your business. For example, we have GMC experience, which we adhere to when writing content for surgeons and private practices. We also have experience with the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies so that we do not compromise your position in the market space.

New Media Ghost has targeted a wide range of audiences, from engineering clients to CEO’s. Our services are focused on maximising all stakeholder journeys and increasing business opportunities, no matter the sector.

Our marketing practices are spearheaded by our very own chartered marketer.
Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help.

Simply put…

New Media Ghost offers you and your business a range of services. To summarise, we can help you by:

Assessing your current marketing

Identifying any problems and rectifying them through strategy planning and implementation.

Managing digital presence

Including content development, reputation management, and social media marketing.

Increasing business opportunities

Through increased visibility and engagement, we broaden your audience and opportunities for business growth.

Providing social media training

One-to-one advice and guidance, enabling you to run your own digital marketing and social media channels.

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