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The Effects of Carbon Reduction Measures on Maritime Businesses

Recently, we have written about the effects of green technology and carbon reduction measures on the global shipping industry. We have outlined cases where the growth of green technology has revolutionised marine engineering, such as the e-Voyager vessel that is the UK’s first electric ferry. The trend of carbon reduction measures in the maritime industry…
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Electric Ferry Carbon Reduction

Zero-carbon e-Voyager, the UK’s First Electric Ferry, to Set Sail in Plymouth

The UK’s first zero-carbon electric passenger ferry will set sail in Plymouth following trials. The pioneering project, supported by the Department of Transport, was funded by Maritime Research and Innovation UK as part of an effort to increase carbon reduction in the British maritime industry. Should the trials prove successful, the e-Voyager will begin ferrying…
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Social Media for Marine Engineers

How Can Social Media Help Marine Engineers Grow Their Business?

You’re a marine engineer and you want to grow your business. You want to attract more clients and increase your business potential. But how? Here, we explore why social media for marine engineers is so important to a strategy for business growth. Did you know that approximately 3.6 billion internet users are also using social…
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