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Managing Digital Presence


New Media Ghost offers bespoke solutions to individuals and businesses, by thinking differently when managing digital presence to build, communicate & engage on behalf of clients.

The business was founded in September 2017 with clients from the US, followed by Europe and now UK. Working directly with leaders and their businesses in various sectors that others may not have accomplished in a short time, justifies not being another marketing agency. It is based in the heart of Cardiff and has passion, energy and enthusiasm to grow its clientele further.


Managing Digital Presence – Saving time for clients, so that everyone has the opportunity to be visible and engaged online.


Giving back time by managing your digital presence through online engagement, as an extension to your team to deliver specific goals.


New Media Ghost thinks differently, challenges, will over deliver to reach clients’ goals and will work on your business as if it was theirs.


Providing full marketing services from online digital presence, brand reputation management, marketing operations (including customer journey processes) to marketing strategy, planning and execution and training.

Working with business owners and executives to global speakers and surgeons based in the UK and overseas. Sectors span from medical, tech firms, crypto, construction, engineering to private practices, restaurants, estate agents and more.

Why New Media Ghost

Kiki is the founder of New Media Ghost and is fully qualified in marketing and has the Chartered Marketer status for the work delivered. Confidentiality, followed by continuous learning, is a large part of New Media Ghost’s ethos. Both staff and contractors are encouraged to keep abreast of technologies and changes, to ensure clients receive the best service.

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