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Managing Digital Presence

Instagram for restaurants

Top 5 Tips for using Instagram in your Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy

What is the point of having the best food and drink in town if nobody knows about it? At New Media Ghost, we identify the right social media platform for your business. When it comes to restaurants, Instagram can be an incredibly important tool. Here, we explain why you should use Instagram in your restaurant’s…
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increase social media engagement

How to Increase Social Media Engagement for your Business

Are you using social media for your business, but not getting results? Perhaps you are new to using social media for marketing and wish to learn more. According to a 2017 study, the most important metric for tracking social media success is user engagement. New Media Ghost offers advice and training to businesses and individuals…
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LinkedIn Meet Up

Connecting Offline With New LinkedIn Messenger

All social media platforms are constantly changing due to the demand of what the user wants.  Today, we are constantly striving for easy and quick solutions. Improving usability by any platform means that we are able to do this at a faster pace than ever. The LinkedIn MeetUp Messenger feature is one that is providing…
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Instagram Whatsapp Facebook Messenger

The Social Media Trio become One

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are to integrate according to recent news. The merger of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger into one system may be due to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s office. The ICO is conducting an investigation into how much data is shared between any two of the applications by Facebook. It is to…
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linkedin email

Exporting email on LinkedIn is now controlled

Have you ever used LinkedIn downloads to export the email addresses of your connections? LinkedIn has stopped allowing email exporting from your account, unless you agree to having your details downloaded via their privacy option.  Want to learn what LinkedIn email exporting is? LinkedIn allowed users to download email addresses of their connections, which business…
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Pinning hashtags on linkedin

Hashtags on LinkedIn

Have you discovered pinning hashtags on LinkedIn yet?   Pinning hashtags on LinkedIn is not available to all users apparently. I say apparently because I have checked other profiles and they don’t seem to have the option.  For those of you lucky ones (including me), you may probably be wondering what it’s all about?! LinkedIn…
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Using Pinterest

Using Pinterest

Lately, Pinterest seems to be getting a lot of media attention. Clients and prospective business owners have asked whether they should be using Pinterest for their online social gain. My first answer is to look at your strategy. Does it fall inline with what you are doing and who you are targeting? Is your target…
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social media for business owners and politicians

Social Media for Politicians & Business Owners

Social Media for Politicians and Business Owners I need to practice what I had preached at the Women’s Enterprise Network (WEN) workshop in Wales. Social Media for politicians and business owners was an interactive day and thoroughly enjoyable. I asked the mentees to ‘keep blogging and make it regular’ – if you have interesting content,…
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cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying

5 Tips on Handling Online Cyber Bullying  I have been asked how to address cyber bullying recently. It seems to be growing as fast as building AI. Next month I will be talking about this topic at a workshop for future aspiring women. These will include Members of Parliament, through to Chief Executives and Business…
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google data retention

How to change your Google Data Retention Policy

A Quick Look at Google’s Data Retention Policy Google has sent an email asking for their new Google data retention policy controls to be reviewed by product users. If you have Google Analytics then no doubt you will be contacted. Over the last few months I have been receiving many emails to opt in/opt out…
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