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How to Use Facebook to Market Your Restaurant Online

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Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

Are you looking to increase business? Looking to gain more customers? Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool in your restaurant’s marketing strategy. There are several benefits to Facebook marketing for restaurants, such as increasing online traffic, engagement, and exposure. Facebook is the leading social media platform in 2019, with 2.38 billion monthly active users. Utilise this to your advantage by tapping into the Facebook market to promote your restaurant.

Social Media for Restaurants

Each social media platform has different benefits and uses. Instagram, for example, is primarily a visual platform that can be used to showcase the best food and drink you have to offer. To learn more about how you can use Instagram in your restaurant’s marketing strategy, visit our blog. At New Media Ghost, we will help you choose the right platform for your restaurant. Here, we show you how to use Facebook to market your restaurant.

Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

Firstly, make sure your profile image and cover image are consistent and reflect your restaurant’s identity clearly. It is important to use high quality images; you don’t want any pixelated or blurry images. People want a quick visual snapshot of who you are and so having high quality images creates the impression that your restaurant is professional. Also, ensure the colours in your images draw people’s attention to increase the likelihood of engagement.

On the subject of images, post photos of your restaurant’s best food and drink. If you wish, you could include happy employees posing with the food in your photos, advertising the culture of your restaurant. You can link these posts to your Instagram account, thus creating a seamless and consistent message across multiple social media platforms. You should also link your website to your Facebook page and other social media platforms to drive up traffic to your website. 

Facebook Stories are another way of promoting your restaurant’s brand. Facebook Stories last for 24 hours, making them ideal for promoting limited offers. The videos or images you post to Facebook Stories can also be posted to Instagram, again creating a consistency in your marketing strategy. You can upload and share your menu and special offers too.

It is also good to share testimonials to promote your image as a desirable restaurant by responding to diner reviews or simply sharing positive comments from your customers. By doing this, you not only create a relationship with your diners but also improve your online reputation. 

Other Benefits

Using Facebook as a marketing tool benefits your restaurant in several ways, making a real difference to your business prospects. Therefore, promote your restaurant across multiple online platforms by embedding your social media accounts into your website.

New Media Ghost offers a bespoke marketing service for restaurants, tailored to the businesses needs. For more information on how we can help your restaurant, please contact us here or visit our blog to discover more marketing tips for restaurants.