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Top 5 Tips for using Instagram in your Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy

Managing Digital Presence

Instagram for restaurants

What is the point of having the best food and drink in town if nobody knows about it? At New Media Ghost, we identify the right social media platform for your business. When it comes to restaurants, Instagram can be an incredibly important tool. Here, we explain why you should use Instagram in your restaurant’s marketing strategy to increase exposure and engagement.

Why social media is important for your restaurant

An effective social media strategy can make all the difference. We are living in a digital age; for your restaurant to thrive and reach its potential, embrace technology and use it effectively. This is true of any business nowadays. There are several social media platforms that restaurants can utilise successfully. Instagram is a great way to target your customers with all the delicious food and beverages that you serve.

How to use Instagram in your restaurant’s marketing strategy

1. Promote your best images

You can use Instagram to gain higher levels of exposure and continued customer interaction long after they have cleared their plates. By using relevant hashtags and posting the best images of your food, your restaurant has the potential to reach a worldwide audience. Your food can be shared by diners among their friends and followers, therefore attracting potential new customers.

2. Engage with diners and potential customers

Instagram is also an effective tool for managing your online reputation. People can comment on your food or share their customer experience beneath your posts; to maximise engagement, respond to any queries or comments they may have. Remember, a responsive restaurant has a better chance of leaving customers satisfied. Visit the comments section of your posts to see what people are saying. Interact with people in unique ways. Give them an incentive to share and like your posts. Run a photo competition and get creative!

3. Post often and maximise the benefits

If you’re already using Instagram, don’t just post now and again – post regularly. Make the most of it! There’s so much you can do. You can run a marketing campaign through Instagram by posting videos or short clips as well as images. Advertise your menu and special offers via your posts. Use hashtags to reach new audiences. We at New Media Ghost can help you with all this and more.

4. Think about a long-term marketing strategy

Try to think long-term. The more your posts are shared, the more likes you will gain. The more likes and shares you have, the more popular your restaurant will become. It’s all about growing your business; 75 % of Instagram users engage with a brand after seeing their post. It may even be possible for your restaurant to reach the holy grail of “verified” status – this is reserved for “notable” brands of public interest according to Instagram.

5. Have a consistent message

Consistency is important. Consider aligning your Instagram posts with your other social media platforms by using the same hashtag. This creates a consistent message that can reach a variety of social media users and an even larger audience. Each restaurant has specific needs and if time is an issue, New Media Ghost will work with you to meet those needs.

Make the most out of Instagram by:

  • Posting the best images or video of your food at specific times
  • Responding to comments from diners and potential customers in the comments section
  • Using captions and hashtags for your posts to reach new audiences
  • Advertising your menu, special offers, or deals through your posts
  • Making sure your posts are consistent with your brand

New Media Ghost offers a bespoke marketing service to help you realise your restaurant’s potential. Click here to find out more.

Source: Locowise