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website development

The Ultimate Guide to Website Development

Website development is the process of creating and building a website from scratch. It involves understanding the basics of website development, planning and designing the website, developing it using the right technology stack, optimising it for performance, ensuring website security, implementing responsive web design, optimising it for search engines, and maintaining and updating it regularly.…
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Do you ‘Trick’ Your Audience? - Why Businesses Need To Stay Ethical and Honest

Do you ‘Trick’ Your Audience? – Why Businesses Need To Stay Ethical and Honest

Businesses need to stay ethical and honest in this age of social media. Communicating your brand’s messages and values has never been easier. But, public opinion is everything. There has been a rapid increase of awareness within audiences surrounding the ethical and social impacts of brands. Even going to the point of boycotting companies that…
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Remember, Remember The Top 5 Tips for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Remember, Remember The Top 5 Effective Marketing Strategy Tips

Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Guy Fawkes may not have managed to blow up parliament, but we’re sure that we can help you ‘explode’ your growth. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 tips to accelerate your business! Top 5 Tips to Raise Your Marketing Strategy 1. Have Clear and Defined Objectives –…
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Halloween Competition by New Media Ghost

Halloween Competition!

👻 Dive into our Spooktacular Halloween Contest! 👻 As the hauntingly delightful season of Halloween approaches, we at [Your Website Name] are bubbling with excitement, and we’ve brewed up something wickedly fun just for you! If the idea of winning spooktacular prizes sends delightful chills down your spine, then our Halloween contest is where you’ll…
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Learn to build a strong, authentic personal brand and position yourself as an industry expert.

Personal Branding Mistakes

Building a strong person brand is essential when establishing yourself as a trusted and expert industry leader. Here are some of the most common mistakes professionals make when building their personal brand. We will then discuss a few quick fixes you can make to improve your personal branding abilities. Personal Branding Mistakes There are several…
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Utilising LinkedIn for Cybersecurity

LinkedIn for Cybersecurity Professionals

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular platform for cybersecurity professionals to market their solutions. In fact, LinkedIn stated that they saw a 95% increase in cybersecurity content engagement. This highlights a massive opportunity for growing businesses to market their cyber solutions on the platform, boosting awareness and generating leads. Today, we’ll be discussing some top…
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month For Cyber Professionals

Cybersecurity Awareness Month For Cyber Professionals

We write about cybersecurity awareness month for cyber professionals. Every October, since 2004, has been dedicated to raising the awareness of cybersecurity amongst individuals and businesses. Both public and private sectors work together to create educational content. Pushing the importance of cybersecurity to the forefront of social media. What makes this month even more special…
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personal brand

Personal Branding As An Entrepreneur

I want to share insights about personal branding from an entrepreneur’s perspective. My name is Kiki, and I am the founder of New Media Ghost. This is my personal branding journey. I established New Media Ghost in 2017. My focus was on what I knew best – personal branding. There was no problem to solve…
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Unveiling Customer Pain Points with New Media Ghost

Unveiling Customer Pain Points

Understanding and addressing customer pain points is vital for any business striving for success. By identifying these issues along the customer journey, organisations can optimise their strategies, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth. In this article, we unveil customer pain points and delve into the concept of points, explore how to identify them within…
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Top 10 Tips to Build your Personal Brand

10 Tips to Build your Personal Brand

Undoubtedly, the digital revolution has transformed personal branding patterns. In response, we’ve compiled 10 key tips to elevate your personal brand in this fast-paced, social media-driven market. Now more than ever, a robust personal brand plays a pivotal role in your success and business growth. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essence of personal…
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