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Technology and SaaS

Managing Digital Presence

Marketing Toolkit for Technology

Why Your SaaS Business Needs a Marketing Toolkit

So, you want to start marketing your SaaS business. But where do you start? Or, maybe you just want to improve your marketing skills? After all, you can’t grow your SaaS business without a great marketing strategy.  Download the Great Big Marketing Toolkit which can help you kickstart your marketing journey. But what exactly is a…
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Attracting cybersecurity professionals

Attracting The Right Cybersecurity Professional

As the risks for cybersecurity increase, so does the demand for professionals in computing. By not attracting the right cybersecurity professional for your business can be costly and time consuming. A recent article by Info Security Magazine highlighted the major shortage of cybersecurity professionals.  Scouring the recruitment market showed just as reported. There is a…
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AI Generated Content

AI Generated SEO Content Is Spam By Google

A hot topic right now is news on AI generated SEO content is classed as spam by Google. John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate has called AI generated content ‘spam’ whilst answering a question by Rohan Chaubey, a reddit moderator during Google Search Central SEO office hours hangout.  Googles webmaster guidelines have recommend users to avoid…
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SaaS Tech Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Technology and SaaS Companies

What’s the importance of digital marketing for technology and SaaS companies is.  As a SaaS company, you are well-versed in the changing nature of technology. You understand that technology has revolutionised the ways in which we communicate and engage with one another. This is true for businesses, individuals, and marketing itself. Indeed, technology has transformed…
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Digital Health Technology

The Rise of Digital Health Technology

As technology is ever evolving, we are witnessing a remarkable shift in healthcare causing the rise of digital health technology. ‘HealthTech’ is changing the way care is delivered to patients. The relationship between technology and digital health is reshaping the healthcare industry. Advances such as nanotechnology, AI and 3D-printing are testament to this. We look…
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digital marketing for software as a service

Technology Customers’ Top 6 in a Post-COVID World

In a world ravaged by COVID-19, workers are relying on software to get their work done. From team meetings to customer service, businesses are now dependent upon cloud-based services. Tech sales are booming, and companies in SaaS are reaping the benefits, but what is it that technology customers want? As demand for software increases, so does…
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marketing for software as a service online

5 Ways SaaS Marketing is Different

If you want to know how to market your SaaS company, you must understand how SaaS marketing is different from other forms of marketing. We take a look at 5 ways SaaS marketing is different. 1.) Marketing Software and Service SaaS companies have the difficult task of marketing on two fronts. Your SaaS marketing strategy…
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SaaS business issues

What SaaS Pain Points Can Tell You About Your Business

As a SaaS company, we know that you seek to improve the lives of consumers and businesses on a daily basis. SaaS companies identify a consumer or business need and seek to address it through innovative technology and software. Indeed, you may be aware that performance and availability are among the most reported issues for…
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How to Grow Your SaaS Business

How to Grow Your SaaS Business Through Effective Communication

You have a quality software product that you want to share with the world. But how do you gain traction? Your product may be doing well among a select clientele, but how do you raise awareness? To grow your SaaS business, you must effectively communicate what your business stands for. People must know about your…
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How Covid Impacts Tech Sector

Covid-19 Boosts Technology Sector as Subscriptions and Sales Rise

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have reached the technology sector, with Software as a Service (SaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) all benefiting from the rise in home working. The uptake in software sales has contributed to positive projections for the sector in 2021 as businesses respond and…
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