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Technology Customers’ Top 6 in a Post-COVID World

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In a world ravaged by COVID-19, workers are relying on software to get their work done. From team meetings to customer service, businesses are now dependent upon cloud-based services. Tech sales are booming, and companies in SaaS are reaping the benefits, but what is it that technology customers want?

As demand for software increases, so does the competition. Therefore, tech companies need to know what their customers want. But more than that, they need to understand the customer.

In our previous blogs, we have shown what makes technology marketing unique. Indeed, customer journeys for tech companies are significantly different to those of the average business. Therefore, you must understand your customer if you are to provide a wholesome customer experience.

So, let’s explore what technology customers want from a software as a service business today.

1.) Value for Money

As with any product, customers seek value for money and businesses seek a return on investment. This is the same for technology products. Show how much you value your customers by providing value for money.

Start with top-quality software, with all its bells and whistles. Secondly, a great customer support system, for any technical hiccups along the way. Promote offers on upcoming products and provide discounts to loyal customers, to make them feel valued. By providing your customers value for money, you increase the likelihood of retaining them.

But remember, it is important that you practice what you preach; customers will notice.

2.) Quality Service

Service is essential for customers and no surprise the clue is in the name! For example, you can’t have a successful SaaS company without excellent customer service. We have personal experience dealing with a SaaS company (they shall remain nameless) with poor customer service. While the software itself was great, the service let the company down. It caused us to seek alternative SaaS solutions.

Avoid making the same mistake by providing quality customer service and, importantly, don’t forget to include the after-purchase support. Customers like to see that their product is still relevant and necessary. They also want to be confident that the product they’ve paid for is dependable. So make sure your software gets frequent updates and maintenance. 

You should also have accessible tutorials and access to troubleshooting. Whether via email, a webchat, or the phone, there should always be someone ready to help. As a result, you’ll keep customers on board and they can be advocates if they’re getting THE best service from their software provider.

Always remember: due to the subscription-based model, customer retention is the key to success.

3.) Security

If there is one thing that can sink your technology business, it is poor security measures. Security and privacy are big issues for customers. technology customers want to know that your software is safe and secure. They want their data secured, privacy protected, and they need to know that you will adhere to compliance.

In an age of increasing cyberattacks, data protection is paramount. Customers want products they are installing to be safe to store on their device. For cloud-based software, security is equally important. As a tech company, you should be at the top of the game when it comes to securing your customers’ data.

The success of your software depends on its durability and dependability. From malware protection to antivirus controls, your customer must know that your software is safe to use. This also taps into the issue of trust. If customers trust you with their data, you know you’re on the right track. So don’t let them down by mishandling it. This can lead to a whole lot of legal trouble.

If you are a UK-based technology company, click here to read about security guidance.

4.) Flexibility

As many SaaS businesses are subscription-based, flexibility is a major incentive for customers. Indeed, customers want the freedom to choose what type of service they require. They also want the flexibility to change between subscription plans.

SaaS customers in particular love choice. So have multiple options for them to choose from! Offer free trials to try out your service. Include cheaper plans with limited features, with the option to upgrade. Having the freedom to switch plans ensures customers will remain with your service.

This is a long-term strategy that provides you and your customers with several benefits. They get the freedom to choose and upgrade (or downgrade) as they see fit. While you will retain a loyal customer base. Ultimately, you should give customers the freedom to customise their plan according to their needs. This can prove that you consider each customer as unique.

5.) Open Communication

There is no point in having a software product if you can’t communicate its benefits. Tech customers need to know who you are and what you stand for. But above all, they want honesty and transparency. Customers want to know that you mean what you say.

Open communication goes a long way to ensuring trust and credibility. Be open and honest with your customers about what you offer. They don’t want hidden catches or misleading language. This only damages your credibility in the long run.

To have effective communication in technology, you must have a clear and concise message. As competition for tech products grows, how you communicate will be increasingly important. Your communication strategy could make or break a customer’s interest in your service. So engage with your customers to increase your relatability. Respond to their comments on social media. This will help improve your customer satisfaction, which leads us on to our final point.

6.) Listening

Last, but certainly not least, is listening to your customers. It goes without saying that people appreciate when you listen to them. This is certainly true for tech customers.

Indeed, customers want to be heard. So take the time to listen to their concerns, queries, or general comments. It’s a good way to find out how you could improve or change your service, which will help move your business forward. Listening can also make you aware of any problems with your software. For this reason, customer feedback should be encouraged. If you want to learn more, we have a blog dedicated to social listening.

But it is not simply about listening. Customers want to know what you are going do to improve. They want to see changes implemented based on feedback. Addressing the needs of technology customers is incredibly important. Among other things, it will improve your company’s reputation and help you attract new customers.

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