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LinkedIn for Cybersecurity Professionals

Managing Digital Presence

Utilising LinkedIn for Cybersecurity

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular platform for cybersecurity professionals to market their solutions. In fact, LinkedIn stated that they saw a 95% increase in cybersecurity content engagement. This highlights a massive opportunity for growing businesses to market their cyber solutions on the platform, boosting awareness and generating leads. Today, we’ll be discussing some top tips to use LinkedIn to your advantage and push your cybersecurity company into the spotlight.

Creating Compelling Professional Profiles

Set up a profile page for you! If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page for your own profile, we urge you to set one up right away. Get it ready for others to view what you do and complete it as much as possible with information on your past and present experiences, and don’t forget add what you’re looking for. Many miss the opportunity to tell others about what they offer, and this is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Don’t stop there. Once you have created your personal brand, it’s time to link it up to your business page. We can help you with all of this so feel free to reach out if you need to.

The first step when building up a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy for cybersecurity professionals is to create a great business page. You can use this to post blogs and educational content. Business pages can have multiple users, so your whole team can engage and post on it. By Linking your personal profile with your business profile, this will also increase the credibility of your business as viewers will see it linked with you, an established cybersecurity professional.

Expanding your Network

Never underestimate the networking options you have using LinkedIn. The platform provides the opportunity for you to build your network by messaging up to 50 people at a time, LinkedIn is efficient when trying to reach out to large quantities of people. If you create an engaging message, you’ll be able to grow your network and build relationships with potential leads and partners. Creating lead magnets, such as eBooks and guides are a great way to provide valuable content in exchange for lead information.

The key to getting noticed on LinkedIn is creating valuable content that sparks engagement. The power of a simple hook or high-quality visuals cannot be overstated here. By posting content that professionals and target audiences will be interested in, you’ll be establishing your cyber security businesses as a credible source of information.

Network on LinkedIn groups for cybersecurity professionals, which is a fantastic way to get views and engagements within your niche audience. Do some research into where your potential buyers are mostly likely going to be. Are they CISOs? CEOs? Remember, they’re in the group expecting to see related content, so make sure you cater your posts to the group guidelines and topics. You don’t have to stick with networking face to face anymore, you can make it into a hybrid experience. Make contact online and then meet offline.

Delivering Value through Content

LinkedIn offers an extensive targeted marketing feature for cybersecurity professionals, allowing you to promote your posts to extremely niche audiences. You’ll be able to target users based on their age, gender, business size, career, interests, and much more. This is perfect if you’d like to optimise your ad budget, as you know you’re targeting exactly who you want. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of generating leads.

Streamlining Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

There are plenty more features that can help boost the growth and awareness of your cyber security business. However, it can seem quite time-consuming. Especially if you’re unsure about who your target audience is and what they want to see. By teaming up with a marketing firm like New Media Ghost, you wouldn’t’t have to worry about it. Using a team of dedicated marketing professionals with experience in the cybersecurity industry, we can easily identify the needs and pain points of your target audience.

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