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Marketing Strategy

Managing Digital Presence

Strategising Marketing

Creating a digital marketing strategy should be key for every organisation. At New Media Ghost we can plan and execute your online marketing strategy to help achieve the agreed and desired results.

Our digital marketing strategies reflect the vision of our clients’ businesses. Your unique voice will be found in the content we develop for your website and in the posts people will read on your social media channels. We will always work to ensure your brand and message is consistent across your digital platforms.

But that’s not all. To effectively manage your digital presence, we will research your audience to understand their needs. This is crucial in providing an effective digital marketing strategy and is one of the first steps we will undertake on your journey with us. 

Once we have understood your audience, we will develop enticing content to attract them to your online platforms or post your ready-made content to open up engagement.Creating your own Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies have been undertaken in -house and are sometimes left on a shelf and never revisited. We urge our clients to look at their previous work. Before you know where you’re going, it’s in your interest to know where you’ve been. Question whether your past tactics have worked.

Once you have ascertained any pitfalls, it’s time to look at where you are right now. Look at your target audience, make up avatars and review where you’re likely to find them. Finding and knowing your customers’ pain points and how you will satisfy their needs is key to the next step.

Oftentimes, our role has involved working with clients’ in-house marketing. Whether you want us to review your current strategy, or create your marketing strategy – we would be happy to do either. Of course, we can also execute it with our tactical planning.