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Personal Branding Mistakes

Managing Digital Presence

Learn to build a strong, authentic personal brand and position yourself as an industry expert.

Building a strong person brand is essential when establishing yourself as a trusted and expert industry leader. Here are some of the most common mistakes professionals make when building their personal brand. We will then discuss a few quick fixes you can make to improve your personal branding abilities.

Personal Branding Mistakes

There are several common mistakes that are made when trying to build a personal branding:
Having a clear identity is the most important part of personal branding and is the ‘personal’ aspect. Your audience can’t know who you are if your identity is unclear. You need an understanding of your own values, expertise, and personality in order to consistently convey it to your audience.
Undefined target audience – You could be putting a lot of effort into building your personal brand, but it could all be going to waste if you’re catering it to the wrong audience. You need to think about exactly what type of people are going to find value in your content. Research the demographic, what platforms they’re active on and what style of content they want to see.

It’s obvious when you’re pretending to be someone else. Your audience will pick up very quickly if you’re unauthentic. It might be tempting to present yourself as someone you think people want to see, but keeping things personal and authentic is vital when building a personal brand.

Personal branding is not something you do once and then forget about, you need to stay on top of it and be consistent. This includes maintaining clear and concise values and opinions both online and offline. It also means posting content related to your personal brand regularly.
A key error when creating personal brand content is constantly trying to promote yourself or your business. This won’t build a loyal audience. You need to be providing them with content that educates and informs, or simply discusses topics of interest.

Quick Fixes

If you feel like you might have made any of these mistakes, there are a few quick fixes you can do to improve:
• Spend some time thinking about and outlining your core values and personality traits. Come up with a unique value proposition for your personal brand. It helps to write these down so you can use it consistently throughout your journey.
• Create a social media schedule. If you struggle to keep up with daily content, it’s worth putting some time aside to plan out the week or month’s content beforehand. This can help you stay consistent.
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