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Why Surgeons Should Be Learning Social Media

Managing Digital Presence

surgeons learning social media

Private practice surgery is a booming industry. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) estimates that since 2010, there are 400,000 more surgeons in private practice – a 32% increase in total. Surgery is a constantly evolving, an ever growing industry that demands adaptation, and that includes more than just your surgical ability. Nowadays, learning social media for surgeons in private practice is more important than ever before. If you’re lost on why learning social media is so crucial for surgeons, worry not – New Media Ghost is here to the rescue.

Learning from other Surgeons

Surgery may require a master’s in science, but in practice it’s very much an art and a skill as well. Learning from the experiences of other surgeons therefore is a fantastic avenue for improvement. Whilst it may seem like enough to learn from and chat with your immediate peers, a broader circle of connectivity provides a proven boost to your quality as a surgeon. Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that surgeons in solo practice tend to score lower on the American Board of Surgeons Maintenance of Certification exam (MOCEX) than surgeons in group practice. It’s a fact, connectivity and engagement with other surgeons is a surefire way to build on your knowledge, learn new techniques, and inevitably score higher in assessments, which will reflect better when advertising to potential clients. Learning social media is the best way of getting ahead of the curve for surgeons.

Higher Visibility

Speaking of advertising to potential clients, learning social media affords surgeons much higher visibility to potential clients – and it’s more important than you think. There are countless indexes online brimming with surgeons, all of whom are highly capable. That said, it’s possible to tell how popular each surgeon is, and there’s a clear distinction between the surgeons at the top and the surgeons stuck on page 425: the strength of their social media presence. Modern customers want a good impression of their prospective surgeon before they make any arrangements, and that means they will rifle through every digital presence you have, from LinkedIn to Instagram. Learning social media affords surgeons not only greater visibility, but it also makes them more attractive candidates, too.

New Media Ghost to the Rescue

Performing surgery and managing a business is a full-time job. It can be exhausting trying to figure out all this social media stuff. What if there were someone who could streamline the entire process into a set of training courses delivered by industry experts? As it happens, New Media Ghost provides exactly that. It’s learning social media for surgeons made easy – but if you’d rather skip class and leave the legwork to someone else, we specialise in social media management, too. In fact, we offer services which take over your entire digital output, everything from your social media channels to content for your personal website. In addition, we also offer the drafting and execution of both marketing and content strategies. Whether it’s a media mentor or a media manager you’re after, you’re in good hands with New Media Ghost – so what are you waiting for?