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Marketing for Surgeons

Managing Digital Presence

Marketing for Surgeons

As a surgeon in private practice, we understand that time is paramount. New Media Ghost offers a bespoke marketing service designed to meet your individual needs. We provide marketing for surgeons in private practice, so you can focus on what you do best.

Why work with Professionals?

As with any business, it is imperative that you have a professional image and can be found online. More and more people are searching for private practice surgeons due to rising NHS waiting times. In 2017, Wales saw an increase of over 400% in patients waiting more than a year for surgery, with the number of people waiting for NHS operations in England reaching a 10 year high in 2018.

Indeed, NHS waiting times have risen across the board. Patients are now having to wait at least two weeks just to visit a GP. Naturally, this causes an increased demand for healthcare professionals in private practice. We know that patients desire a quick and efficient experience by a trusted professional. They want assurances that you are operating in a safe and secure environment, and can perform the operation to their expectations. Therefore, it is important that you showcase these qualities through your online profile.

Understanding your Market

As a surgeon in private practice, it is vital that you understand your market. When speaking to those that need you, we found a plethora of issues as to why your competitors are taking hold of the market as we speak. Firstly, patients want information in a timely manner, so it is important to offer a swift response to any queries you receive online, whether via your website or social media platform. Information you provide online must be concise; the journey of the patient should be clearly communicated, from the initial consultation to the follow-up service and recovery process. Increasingly, patients talk about this process using their online social media platforms. Telling their friends and family of the outcomes and woes, including the successes. It is important to know what they are saying about you, so you can utilise their experience as part of your future marketing plan, or learn from what you can do better.

Credibility is also extremely important. Showcase your professional qualifications to ensure your personal brand is as credible as you are. If you are seen to be a credible private practice, you are more likely to gain interest in your online profile. NHS surgeons are now publishing data on their performance to allow patients to compare their results to the average standard. As a private practice surgeon, you can create the image of a trustworthy practice by being transparent. Patients want to be confident that you are the best for the job, so having an effective marketing strategy that highlights your qualities is vital for alleviating any concerns they may have.

Marketing for Surgeons: What’s involved?

Marketing encompasses a variety of aspects. Your website is your first port of call for potential customers searching online, so it is imperative that you can be found online. New Media Ghost can help increase your business’ exposure by maximising your website’s visibility on Google search results. If you have a website, ensure it is up to date and accessible. People want a simple booking process, and so your webpages should be easy to navigate.

The most successful private practices understand that we are living in a digital era and are using their social media to thrive in the market. We can help you increase your social media reach by posting to your social media platforms at specific times to generate customer engagement, thus increasing your online exposure. New Media Ghost will identify the right social media platforms for you, ensuring your brand is consistent across all your online platforms. We not only work online but also offer a whole marketing strategy planning process for your private practice.

Building a marketing strategy and implementing it can be a lengthy process. That is why New Media Ghost offers a bespoke marketing service for surgeons in private practice. By utilising our knowledge and understanding of the market, you have a better chance of beating your competitors. Contact us now to find out more or visit our blog to discover marketing tips for surgeons.