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Digital Marketing for Technology and SaaS

Managing Digital Presence


Are you seeking to gain more exposure and bump up your business?

Digital marketing for technology and SaaS companies is fundamental to achieving these goals and much more.

New Media Ghost provides innovative digital marketing solutions entirely bespoke to your needs.

So, if you want to…

  • Increase brand exposure
  • Attract more customers
  • Expand your business

…then continue reading and find out why digital marketing for SaaS companies is so important.

Digital Marketing for Technology and SaaS
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Why is Digital Marketing important for Technology and SaaS companies?

If you’re a SaaS company, you are well-versed in the changing nature of technology. You understand that technology has revolutionised the ways in which we communicate and engage with one another. This is true for businesses, individuals, and marketing itself.

Indeed, technology has transformed marketing practices. As a digital marketing service, we use software every day. Using technology (and getting the best out of it) is integral to our service, from running our own business to helping our clients’. Software being such a fundamental part of business only highlights the importance of digital marketing for technology and SaaS companies.

At New Media Ghost, we understand what software is – and how it needs to be marketed. For example, social media listening is a great way of understanding user experience, allowing you to identify any areas of improvement in your software. This, in turn, should improve your company reputation and increase the likelihood of sales.

Every business will rely on software at some point, from customer relations management to word processing. But while the software itself is important, the service is equally so. Do not make the mistake of pumping marketing resources into selling your software and neglecting to showcase your service. After all, your service is what will turn potential customers into loyal customers.

What we offer

At New Media Ghost, we love a challenge. Just as your SaaS company provides innovative software, we provide innovative digital marketing for SaaS companies.

We like to visualise the big picture. In so doing, we identify any problems in your current marketing strategy and seek to implement new and exciting changes that give you tangible results. Our success is down to the passion we have for our clients. We have proven results on a global scale – from clients in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.

Our goal is to save you time by taking charge of your marketing on your behalf. We can work hand-in-hand with your marketing team or as an independent service. Either way, we always endeavour to achieve results by providing first-class digital marketing for technology and SaaS companies.

The services we offer will depend on your business needs. Our services include comprehensive SaaS marketing, social media marketing (including posting and brand management), content development, targeted campaigns, analytics, audience research and much more. Our focus is to maximise the potential of your SaaS company by creating new business opportunities through effective digital marketing solutions.

At New Media Ghost, we always want to see our clients succeed. That is why we also offer training in social media to allow our clients to take control of their own digital marketing. We will provide you with personable one-to-one training so you can utilise our expertise to improve your business. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from our chartered marketer and ask as many questions as needed.

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Simply put…

New Media Ghost offers expert digital marketing for SaaS companies. We want to help your technology company increase sales, attract new clients, and expand business. We can help your SaaS company by:

Assessing your current approach and working on your marketing operations, if required

We will assess your current marketing approach and devise a new digital marketing strategy to best serve your SaaS company.

Managing digital presence and brand management for SaaS

Including social media marketing, strategy planning, and reputation management based on analytics and audience research.

Developing content

Such as website pages, blogs, and stories to showcase your SaaS company as up to date with the latest trends and industry news.

Offering social media training

Enabling you to take control of your own digital marketing, with one-to-one support and guidance.

If you have a marketing problem that needs a solution,

contact us for a free consultation.


Our service in their own words…

Kiki has a very professional approach to her business and always thoroughly researches her subject to enable her to better understand the role she plays in the development of the business.

Letting agency testimonial
Tony Jilbert, Director

I have worked with Kiki on several projects over the years and she never fails to deliver the goal in mind. Most recently the courses delivered by Kiki to my team and Directors was the most informative and her delivery method was hands on and most enjoyable. Every member of the team had learned something on each of the courses.

Derek Richardson, Director
Derek Richardson, Director

The high experienced team at New Media Ghost developed a convergence strategy to link content, social media, lead generation and PR all under one roof without going over budget. The team will over deliver in order to ensure the highest standards possible.

Marc Castro - Datalyse
Marc Castro, CEO


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