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Cybersecurity Case Study

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Cybersecurity Case Study: Building and Increasing Online Engagement


Here is the case study of TitanHQ, one of the most progressive cybersecurity companies that New Media Ghost has enjoyed working with. They have offices in the US and Ireland. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing solutions for their business partners.

New Media Ghost was referred to help as an extension to their marketing department with online social content building, posting including community engagement. We are excited to share the results of being part of their incredible journey.


First, we increased the number of followers they had on their LinkedIn page. Their statistics have provided them with an increase in followers of 25% in 2022.

Second, the growth of organic followers has increased by over 37.5% on Twitter and 250% of engagement on Facebook over the last year. All while maintaining a consistent brand voice that customers could feel confident about interacting with.

Finally, we have helped create online social content that built trust and credibility for TitanHQ in the eyes of prospective customers by providing valuable information about the company itself and its products/services.

And what’s more, we’ve seen these boosts translate into new customers too!

Our role has been to help ensure that their brand reputation translates into a positive experience for their online followers.

We’re proud that we’ve helped create such a strong social media presence for TitanHQ and are excited to continue working with the team – hopefully well into the future!

At New Media Ghost, we are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses through marketing for their bespoke needs. We work with clients to develop a content strategy. We plan on how they can best use their marketing to reach their target audience. Finally, executing their needs.

“Kiki and her team are a group of hardworking and talented professionals who have done a tremendous job in helping us expand our social media presence globally. Responsive, flexible, and forward-thinking, they have never failed to deliver our requests and expectations. It has been a pleasure working with them over the past 2 years.” G Hunt