Social for Executives

We increase opportunities for CEO’s, Business Owners and Directors by working on their personal brand. This is no ordinary social media support service – this is social media for suits.

New Media Ghost is primarily created for individuals (Leaders) from Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors to Business Owners. In fact, anyone that needs to elevate their profile. We engage with your target audience, peers and those you look up to and want to work with, in complete discretion.

As a top line executive leader, time is of paramount. The number of clients that have required assistance with their online social media profiles usually comes down to a lack of time, expertise or the know-how on what or when they should be posting.

Our service is completely confidential.  No one will ever know that we are working on your behalf – ever!  Unless of course you tell them and want to recommend our services.

Social media for suits through New Media Ghost – Working on a global scale with clients from the United States, Europe and UK and available in your time zone, we work on your behalf.  We have learned how to behave and talk in our customers’ language – the way you write and speak to people. We adopt your stance and run your accounts as if it was you.

We are your personal brand ghost; no one needs to know and they won’t…

Social Media for Suits - New Media Ghost