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Social Media for Businesses

Managing Digital Presence


Are you a business owner?

Are you aware of the benefits social media can bring to your business? New Media Ghost provides a bespoke marketing service to help you drive up business and strengthen your digital presence. You may already use social media to market your business, but using it effectively is the key to a successful and modern marketing strategy. Social media for businesses helps you achieve this and much more…

Social Media for Businesses
Why Social Media for Businesses

Why is Social Media important for Businesses?

We live in an increasingly digitalised time. It is therefore important that your business adapts to this change by implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. If you own a business, having a top-quality social media strategy will help you gain an advantage over your competitors and keep your business relevant in today’s market. The best executives use social media for businesses to stay competitive. Businesses use social media to engage with their clients and promote their brand online. Indeed, the use of social media is integral to the success of a modern marketing strategy. Digital marketing can help establish your personal brand, increase your visibility, and even manage your reputation.

What we offer

To date, New Media Ghost has worked directly with executives to increase their business presence, as well as their individual online brand presence. We can work either with your business’s in-house marketing team or separately. At New Media Ghost, we understand that running a business is time-consuming, and your marketing strategy can suffer. That is why we are here to help you. New Media Ghost will help you find the right social media platforms to use for your business. We will promote your business online and map out your customer journey to ensure you gain the best results. We can work either on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your needs. Our social media for businesses service involves building, communicating, and engaging with your audience through targeted social media posts, customer engagement, and online reputation management. We also offer a comprehensive social media training service should you wish to learn from us. This service is tailored to your needs and includes one-to-one advice and guidance appropriate for your business.

Social Media for Businesses What We Offer

Simply put…

Our ultimate aim is to save you time by providing campaign and marketing support for your business. We do this by:

Assessing your business’s needs
Designing and implementing a social media strategy
Creating new business opportunities by building your personal brand
Managing your business’s digital presence, including reputation management

Not all businesses have the same marketing requirements. Bespoke packages are available depending on your needs.


Our service in their own words…

Kiki provided an outstanding service for JBE Health. She took the time to really understand my service and my personality before ghosting my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, successfully making regular posts, crafted in consultation with us, that helped us to connect with new potential clients.

JBE Health testimonial
Jonathan Bockelmann-Evans

JBE Health

Kiki has a very professional approach to her business and always thoroughly researches her subject to enable her to better understand the role she plays in the development of the business.

Letting agency testimonial
Tony Jilbert, Director

Kiki has been working as an extension to my business on social media, engaging on behalf of my clients in the USA and always finding new opportunities on how they can do better. I have worked with Kiki since 2012 and she delivers to deadlines and achieves what is requested on behalf of my clients.

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PJ, Director


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