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How Will AI Impact SEO

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How will AI impact SEO

How will AI Impact SEO

Join us on YouTube to learn on our Lead Marketers thoughts – a question someone recently asked, How Will AI Impact SEO.

Here’s what we think so far and, perhaps the question should be ‘How has AI already impacted SEO?

Whether you’re new to AI or someone who has been hot on the heals watching. We encourage you to try any AI tool out  – as fun or for work. Don’t be afraid, once you start it could be the end of the old tedious ways you may have spent time doing something. There is a lot to be learned, so may as well join the journey if you haven’t already.

This is one of our first video’s with a human, so please do subscribe to learn more. But, most importantly let us know by commenting on what you would like to learn about digital marketing and/or AI. if you’re unsure you can always contact us to discuss how you can get hold of our Learn AI – Beginners Module.

Key Takeaways

Lead Marketer, Kiki from New Media Ghost, highlights AI’s influence on SEO and digital marketing. AI is not just a trend but an essential game-changer. Its impact extends beyond traditional search engines, reshaping how we interact with technology daily.

AI is driving a significant evolution in search behaviour, demanding a more refined approach to SEO.

The Future of Content Creation and SEO Strategy: The video discusses how content creation is evolving. It’s moving away from heavy keyword stuffing to crafting long-tail sentences that reflect the changing nature of search queries.

The speaker encourages viewers to adapt to these changes of AI for SEO strategies.
In summary, AI is significantly impacting the way businesses approach SEO and digital marketing, emphasising the importance of user-centric strategies and the evolving nature of content creation. The video suggests that embracing these changes is essential for staying relevant for any business.

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