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Online Marketing for Surgeons

Managing Digital Presence

Online Marketing for Surgeons

Private practice surgeons need online marketing to grow their clientele. At New Media Ghost, we will work compliantly and offer low-cost online marketing.  We will put together a comprehensive plan, develop it, and follow up to get you the results you need. We are a small marketing company (not agency) who will help you with business growth. This can include:

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We use SEO when undertaking online marketing for surgeons. It is a great way to get your private practice website found by more potential patients. We will create content that is optimised for search engines and organically attract visitors to your site. Content can include a number of optimised pages and other forms of rich media that help build credibility with potential patients.

• Content Drafting

Drafting content can be a time-consuming and a tedious process. We undertake the research and learn more about your business before creating optimised content.  The SEO work we do is relevant to patients looking for private practice surgeons in the area you work in, both professionally and geographically.

• Web Development and Design

A website is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, and we’re here to help. Your website will be responsive and easy for patients to navigate while they’re looking for your specific services. Only when we have discussed with you what your needs are, we will devise the right site and customer journey process.

• Social Media Marketing

Our social media work will help you create and maintain online social media presence that allows you to engage with your patients in a way that builds trust and credibility while also driving traffic to your website. We will build, communicate and engage to your growing network of followers.

• Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to reach patients. We will develop an email marketing strategy that allows you to keep in touch with your existing patients, whilst also attracting new patients. Email campaigns will be sent out on a strategic basis.

• Marketing Strategy through to planning and execution

Marketing Strategy through to planning and execution is a critical part of your marketing. We’ll work with you to develop an effective strategy for reaching patients and promoting your practice. Measuring the success of campaigns is important so that we can continue to improve it over time. Our goal is not just to get patients into your office but also keep them there long-term so they become loyal patients who will refer others.

Marketing for Private Practice Surgeons Online


– help surgeons understand what they can do to market themselves better

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