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Managing your Brand Reputation as a Surgeon

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Managing your brand reputation as a surgeon, in fact for any business is difficult. With only one bad comment, a client can do a lot of damage to your reputation. A negative comment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done a bad job, there are many reasons for negative feedback. From the client not being the right fit for your practice to them having a bad day, so don’t take these comments personally.

The main thing is to always tend to your online presence. Making sure that your website and social media is up-to-date and that you check on it as often as you can. They are your first line of defence when responding to any comment that your practice has received online both positive and negative.

How to respond to a negative comment/review?

As soon as you can respond to any negative feedback personally. One client can do a lot of damage to any business’s reputation. With this response you want to be brief, acknowledging the issue that has been brought up and offering an in-person resolution as quickly as you can. This will make sure the problem has been resolved, the client is happy and that it has been done privately. Make sure to never take any of these comments personally because as your practice grows you will get more negative comments.

What to do once the negative comment has been dealt with?

Once the comment has been dealt with you, these comments will remain online with a lot of services not allowing the removal of comments. Reviews and comments about your business can’t be removed especially if it’s on a website like yelp or on google reviews but there are things that you can do. Make sure you don’t link back to the negative comment. Keeping in mind using the same tags or keywords as the negative comment.

Always leverage your positive comments, make sure that you’re thanking everyone giving you positive feedback. Also, encourage your clients to leave positive feedback whenever they can. By doing these things you will see the negative comment slip down the searches whenever a potential client search you online.

A further step that should be taken to stopping any negative feedback spreading online is to create a feedback system on your own website. This will enable the client to go your website and fill in a box to let you know of any comments they have. This allows you to handle any negative feedback or complaints privately on your own system.

Managing Your Brand Reputation As A Surgeon

Remember, the value of a surgeon’s brand reputation extends far beyond personal acknowledgment—it’s a crucial element in the decision-making process for potential patients and peers alike. A positive brand reputation not only attracts more clients but also establishes trust and credibility in the medical community. By actively managing and nurturing your online presence, you’re not only safeguarding your professional image but also enhancing the perceived quality and reliability of your services. This concerted effort towards maintaining a positive brand reputation is paramount, as it reflects not just on individual surgeons but on the medical profession as a whole, influencing patient choices and industry standards.

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