In a world of opportunities, professional individuals such as Marine Engineers, Structural Engineers, Oil & Gas experts and Wind Farm Engineers need their personal brand in order to expand their market reach in their local country and globally.

New Media Ghost harnesses the power of online social media platforms. We provide marketing services that best suit clients’ needs. Our experience comes from working with clients from this sector.

Today your personal brand is worth as much as your business brand. Relationships are made through networking online, and oftentimes prior to meeting face to face.  The world has changed the concepts of brand marketing of personal brands. The technology factor has digitalised the processes with further reach into the international market. Social media marketing for personal brands has invaded the marine engineering services sector provided by structural engineers and consultants.

Sensing these changes in the international markets and the digital world, New Media Ghost is committed to providing online marketing to Offshore Engineers, Structural Engineers, Marine Engineers, Oil & Gas Experts, and Civil Engineers.  We increase opportunities by maintaining a robust online portfolio to attract the right clients and business partnerships.

We provide marketing solutions for the individual and the business, by actively searching for opportunities in UK, Europe and the US market.

The marine engineering market is vital, owing to a large number of offshore and onshore engineers who are associated with activities that have strong world-wide economic impact from a business and social responsibility point of view.

New Media Ghost manages the online marketing and works silently on behalf of marine engineers to promote their personal brands and businesses.

Oil and gas engineers find it difficult to maintain their online work status due to shortage of time and sometimes due to the lack of know-how. We thrive on helping engineers with the help of online marketing.

Our list of services to structural engineers, which is not limited and includes:
  • Problem solving any areas in your marketing
  • Agreeing your goals
  • Finding the right opportunities to increase your business presence
  • Devising a strategy bespoke to you
  • Planning the next steps
  • If required, working as an extension to your marketing department

We tap into the US and European markets on behalf of structural engineers by collaborating and communicating through your social media channels. These markets have shown positive trends in structural engineering from the past several years. Growth in the UK has recently been announced, specifically in the wind farm sector, and this is set to continue throughout the world as this sector plunges into corporate responsibility as part of their ongoing agenda.

New Media Ghost is eager to comprehend the needs of leaders. There is no distinction between a top-level executive or a fresh marine engineer. We will manage your online personal brand starting with your online social media marketing and continue to help open up opportunities for you.

If you are a marine engineer looking to start or, increase your personal brand, to cut off the competition in the Europe, UK or the US markets call us today for a confidential chat.

Social Media for Marine Engineers