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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO- Search Engine Optimisation is no dark art. It’s about learning how your audience is trying to find you online. Once you know the answer to how you can be found and what your audience is looking for in your offering, can you start working towards SEO.

It is getting your product, service and brand seen online to audiences that you want to reach. Increasing levels of exposure and engagement with your online content via search results is a great way for organic growth.

Visibility online is just like having your name in the right section of the yellow pages. When someone is looking for your service or product, it should be seen on the page that they’re viewing. It is no longer about having a business starting with the letter ‘A’ just to be at the top of the listing.

Ranking high online search results needs to match the users request when they are searching for your brand – business, product or service offering.

Market Share

Statscounter reported, the search engine market share worldwide as of February 2022 is Google. Unsurprisingly this mammoth platform is the leading search engine thus far, with just over 92percent of the online population choosing it as their choice for searches. Followed by Bing at just under 3percent.

With a high populous reaching out to Google it makes sense to prioritise your search engine optimisation efforts here.

There are a plethora of different aspects to review when undertaking search engine optimization. Starting with the right SEO strategy and executing it bit by bit. Patience and dedication is required to hit the sweet mark so that your prospects can find you.

At New Media Ghost we remind our clients that search engine optimisation is an ever evolving door. Once we help you reach your goal of getting you on the first page, that is not the time to stop. Indeed, now is the time to continue the efforts of getting you there and staying on top.

There are many facets to search engine optimisation. Even though the big giants such as Google can change their algorithms, it doesn’t mean you should stay off searches. In fact, what we do is keep learning to keep abreast of these changes and keep you visible!