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Marc Castro - Datalyse
Marc Castro - Datalyse

As a brand start-up we had lots of informative content which talked around our core messaging, but it was all very long, hard to digest and becoming increasingly outdated.
We wanted to bring a fresh approach to our content and deliver messages to prospects in an innovative way which reflected our brand values. New Media Ghost has been working non-stop for the past 12 months to create several content pieces which did exactly that – on brand, budget, on time and of an incredibly high standard!
More so, the high experienced team at New Media Ghost developed a convergence strategy to link content, social media, lead generation and PR all under one roof without going over budget. The team will over deliver in order to ensure the highest standards possible. We could not think any other agency as great as New Media Ghost both in standard, results and knowing that there is another business that cares as much as you on your business. Thank you.


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