Social Media for Individuals

If you’re looking to return to work after being made redundant, or from maternity leave, perhaps being self employed, whatever the reason, at New Media Ghost we will review your online platforms and guide you to showcasing you.

New Media Ghost helps improve social media for individuals, whoever you may be. Most perspective employees think they need to hide their online social media profiles. Sometimes we may agree, because in some cases it may be better if you just closed any offending social media applications down (this is said with caution).

Hang fire!

What you do need to remember is that your personality shines through social media. Your skill set and experiences may help your future employer see you have a life outside of work that perhaps matches what they need in their business.

According to an article by Career Builder, well over half of employers are snooping on candidates’ social media profiles. This is where we come in.

It doesn’t matter

  • what sector you have worked in, or, are planning on working in
  • whether the company you’re planning on joining is small, medium or a large corporate
  • how long you have been out of work
  • if you’re unsure whether you are using the right social media platforms
  • that you’re not great with computers

With the above in mind, we will clean up your online social media so that any prospective employers can see your online personality and how you interact in this space through the skills and experiences that you have gained.

So if you’re looking to return to work, give us a call and see how we can help you as an individual.

Please note: New Media Ghost is not a recruitment agency and we do not offer any advice on your career. New Media Ghost reviews your profile, making you online ready for prospective employers to contact you.

For a confidential chat, contact us today.

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Social media for Executives and business owners