Marketing for Restaurants

Does your restaurant suffer from a lack of exposure? Do you want to get more customers to enjoy the food and drinks that you offer? New Media Ghost’s online marketing strategy for restaurants can help your restaurant reach its potential.

Social media for restaurants

Online marketing strategy for restaurants

We offer a bespoke service to help improve the marketing for your restaurant, working independently or with your in-house marketing team. We identify what your restaurant is lacking from an online marketing perspective and seek to improve any problem areas to ensure your restaurant is the best it can be.

Why is social media important for restaurants?

Nowadays, social media is a vital marketing tool; utilising it successfully can make the difference between empty seats and a jam-packed, bustling business! By identifying the right social media strategy for you, we will put the processes in place to improve your restaurant’s exposure through increased social media reach and engagement.

There is no point in having the finest food and drink if nobody knows who you are or where you are! Indeed, this is true for any business. Your online presence is just as important as the branding above your door. According to Forbes, 71% of customers who receive a quick social media response would recommend the brand to others.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we will identify the right social media platform for you, shaping your marketing strategy around a message consistent with your brand. By creating a successful online marketing strategy, we will enhance your diners’ experience. 

For example, Instagram can be a medium through which restaurants gain exposure and continued customer interaction once they have left their seats. You can use Instagram to post images of your food to a worldwide audience. These images can then be shared by customers among their followers, thereby reaching a new audience of potential customers. Visit our blog to read more about using Instagram in your online marketing strategy.

What we offer

We understand that running a restaurant can be tough. Time is always an issue – making orders, ensuring the menu is right, sorting out the administration and, of course, trying to answer calls. This often leaves marketing your business and focus on your social media as a last resort, if at all. This can lead to an inconsistent social media strategy for your restaurant, an incoherent message, and generally poor online customer engagement. This is where New Media Ghost comes in.

By designing an online marketing strategy suited to your specific needs, we can improve your customers’ experience, benefiting your business. We can proofread your menus to ensure legibility and update your website to improve customer accessibility.

As with any business, a restaurant’s reputation is paramount. We will work to manage your online reputation by responding to customer reviews, whether positive or negative, or answering queries and providing accurate information to customers online on your behalf. By responding to customer queries on your social media platforms, we create a positive image of your restaurant online that will increase your reputation and enhance customer satisfaction.

You may also be experiencing quiet times of the year during which you would expect busier turn out. We can provide you with targeted campaigns, highlighting the best you have to offer through online marketing campaigns and materials, to increase business.


Be the best you can be with New Media Ghost’s online marketing strategy for restaurants. We can help you:

  • Devise a strategy to ensure you get the best results
  • Identify and rectify the pitfalls in your marketing strategy, if you already have one in place
  • Improve your social media presence by identifying the right platform for you
  • Create a social media calendar with relevant posts and specific times to maximise exposure
  • Enhance customer experience by proofreading your website and menus for accessibility and legibility
  • Run targeted campaigns to drive up business
  • Manage your online reputation by responding to customer queries and complaints

We have successfully helped a variety of restaurants. Contact us now to maximise your potential with New Media Ghost’s bespoke marketing service for restaurants.