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Digital Marketing for Surgeons

Managing Digital Presence


Do you run a private practice?

Do you want to attract more clients to your clinic? Or maybe you want help with marketing your private practice?

Learn how social media and digital marketing can make a difference to your surgical practice’s visibility and reputation.

At New Media Ghost, we provide comprehensive social media and digital marketing for surgeons in private practice. Our services are tailored to your needs.

We focus entirely on your private practice. Ultimately, our goal is to attract new clients to your practice through an expert

social media and digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing for Surgeons
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Why is Social Media important for Private Practice Surgeons?

Technology has revolutionised the way we communicate and engage with the world around us. An effective social media strategy is paramount if you wish to entice new clients to your private practice. A top-quality digital marketing service will help grow your business by increasing your exposure, social media reach, website traffic, and customer engagement.

Do not underestimate the importance of a consistent brand and message. People want to be assured that you are the best private practice for the work and can make a difference to their life. Social media can help you communicate this message. By having an established and reputable digital presence, you will be seen as a trustworthy and desirable practice in the eyes of potential clients.

That is why digital marketing for surgeons in private practice is so important.

Aside from social media, websites are often the first port of call for new clients seeking private surgery. That is why New Media Ghost will ensure you have a first-class website, and much more…

What we offer

We offer innovative and bespoke digital marketing for surgeons and their private practice.

Many digital marketing services specialise in one field; at New Media Ghost, we take pride in providing a service that encompasses a wide range of needs, from website creation and content writing to reputation management and social media marketing – we can do it all!

At New Media Ghost, we understand how time-consuming running a private practice can be. By overseeing your marketing strategy on your behalf, you can concentrate on what you do best. We work with private practice surgeons of all specialities, from dental surgeons to cosmetic surgeons. Whether you are seeking a copywriting service or wish to reinvigorate your brand, New Media Ghost is here for you. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your private practice is attractive for potential clients.

We always seek to build, communicate, and engage with your audience through the correct online platforms. We will help you choose which social media platform is best suited to your practice and devise a digital marketing strategy to ensure you get the best results. At New Media Ghost, we understand your clients’ needs and expectations; we can help alleviate the pressure by working with your marketing team, if you have one, or externally.

Aside from having the know-how to run your digital marketing, we also have the expertise to provide you with first-class social media training. Indeed, we offer comprehensive training on social media for surgeons. This one-to-one service is designed according to your needs and can be provided on either a short-term or long-term basis, should you wish to learn from us. READ MORE

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Simply put…

New Media Ghost offers a range of digital marketing services for surgeons, depending on the needs of your private practice. We can help you by:

Reviewing your current marketing

Through problem-solving and audience research

Building and managing your digital presence

Including online reputation management

Devising and implementing a digital marketing strategy

From website creation and content development to social media management

Offering comprehensive social media training for surgeons

Allowing you to learn the art of digital marketing and

social media

Don’t let your marketing become secondary to your workload.

Allow us to help you.


Our service in their own words…

Kiki and her team are absolute professionals, their work is impeccable and they do work to promote your personal brand. Kiki went above and beyond to get content out although I am very busy and I know for a fact that I would have not done anything near to what she has put out for me. I highly recommend you take them on and see how you get on.

Suffolk Breast Practice testimonial
Hussein Tuffaha, Surgeon

Suffolk Breast Practice

Simply first-class, approachable manner and always explains what methods work and why. I’ve used social media agencies in the past, but have never come across anyone who provides 100% to the job in hand.

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Kiki provided an outstanding service for JBE Health. She took the time to really understand my service and my personality before ghosting my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, successfully making regular posts, crafted in consultation with us, that helped us to connect with new potential clients.

JBE Health testimonial
Jonathan Bockelmann-Evans

JBE Health

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