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Digital Marketing for Marine Engineers

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Marine Engineering

Are you seeking to expand your marine engineering business, attract new clients, or rejuvenate your personal brand? 

New Media Ghost can help you. We offer a bespoke digital marketing service to help those in the maritime sector to grow their business and increase brand visibility.

Digital marketing for marine engineers has never been more important. A first-class digital marketing strategy can transform your business and brand.

Here’s how… With a Winning Marketing Strategy and Tactical Execution

Digital Marketing for Marine Engineers
Why Social Media for Marine Engineers |

Why is Social Media important for Marine Engineers?

In today’s world, relationships are made through networking online, and oftentimes prior to meeting face-to-face. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a robust online portfolio to showcase your personal brand and build your reputation. An effective social media and digital marketing strategy can help marine engineers expand their market reach nationally and internationally.

Social media can help you understand your audience. By tracking what people are saying online, you can discover new opportunities to grow your business. Indeed, the world has changed the concept of marketing. Technology has digitalised the ways in which we communicate and engage. It is more important than ever that engineers use social media as a tool for attracting new clients.

Growth in the green technology sector, specifically the wind farm sector, is indicative of a changing world in which corporate responsibility is now a global agenda. Use social media to evidence that your business is keeping up with the trends.

What we offer

At New Media Ghost, we provide bespoke digital marketing for marine engineers and their business.

We work with a variety of clients and engineers seeking to revamp their personal brand and grow their business. Whether you are a marine engineer, structural engineer, or wind farm engineer, we at New Media Ghost are keen to hear from you.

New Media Ghost offers a range of services, from website creation to content writing. We can help you manage your online reputation or run your social media profiles. Whatever your needs, we will ensure they are met. By managing your digital presence, you will experience increased visibility and engagement across your website and social media platforms.

You may not have the time to focus on social media. That is why we run your digital marketing on your behalf, while you reap the rewards. On the other hand, you may wish to learn how to use social media yourself. New Media Ghost offers social media training on a one-to-one basis. We provide expert advice and guidance so you can run your own digital marketing strategy.

It is our mission to provide a quality service tailored to your needs. We provide marketing solutions for engineers by actively searching for opportunities in the UK, European, and US markets. By understanding your audience and sensing changes in the international markets, we can harness these opportunities to attract the right clients and business partnerships for you.

Digital Marketing for Marine Engineers What We Offer

Simply put…

Our services are client-focused and depend upon your needs. New Media Ghost provides digital marketing for marine engineers by:

Assessing your current marketing strategy and social media profiles
Devising and implementing a new digital marketing strategy to achieve your goals
Managing your digital presence, online reputation, social media posting, and content development
Social media training to ensure you can run your own digital marketing strategy

Don’t waste time – your marketing solution is waiting for you.


Our service in their own words…

Kiki is strategically focussed and will meet any challenge directly head on. Within 12 short weeks she completed the international rebranding of the Harris Pye Engineering Group. Travelling to all of our major global offices to implement the changes required by meeting and engaging all of our senior management, our engineers and staff. There are many people that talk about marketing, but Kiki made this happen by jumping right in from the get go.

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Mark Prendergast, CEO

Harris Pye Marine Engineering

Working with New Media Ghost has been a pleasure since the beginning. She is a results-driven person and will make sure you achieve your goals, with restless dedication. Furthermore, she will open up your mind and make you discover new ways of improving the exposure of your business.

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José María Gómez Urgoiti,
Managing Director

Iberian Offshore

Due to New Media Ghost’s continued support and passion for growth & innovation, our business ranks as top 10% of social media users online and ranks on the SE100 as one of the Top 6 social businesses. Together we have worked on generating interesting and relevant content that is disruptive and makes the headlines putting us at the sharp edge of social media. A true professional to work with and we would highly recommend.

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Upskilling in the construction industry

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