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Managing Digital Presence

cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying

5 Tips on Handling Online Cyber Bullying  I have been asked how to address cyber bullying recently. It seems to be growing as fast as building AI. Next month I will be talking about this topic at a workshop for future aspiring women. These will include Members of Parliament, through to Chief Executives and Business…
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google data retention

How to change your Google Data Retention Policy

A quick look at Google’s Data Retention Policy Google has sent an email asking for their new data retention controls to be reviewed by  product users. If you have Google Analytics then no doubt you will be contacted. Over the last few months I have been receiving many emails to opt in/opt out before GDPR…
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uk workforce

The future workforce of the UK

What’s the future of the UK workforce? LinkedIn is one of my favourite social media platforms and this week some interesting stats were reported on the future of the UK workforce. With all this data it is frightening to think the professional talent pool in the UK is diminishing. They have stated that the last…
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Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency

Digital Money If you’re too frightened to part from the cash in your pocket then don’t read this. This week I attended a #PowerUp seminar organised by Natwest. Speaker Jonathan Davies from Worldpay offered some useful insights into the use of digital currency; where we have come from and where we will be in the…
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