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Using Pinterest

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Using Pinterest

Lately, Pinterest seems to be getting a lot of media attention. Clients and prospective business owners have asked whether they should be using Pinterest for their online social gain.

My first answer is to look at your strategy. Does it fall inline with what you are doing and who you are targeting? Is your target audience on there? 

It’s free to sign up and start using Pinterest’s social media platform. All you need is an email address, or just use your current Facebook or Google account and complete the details and you are ready to go.

What’s it about?

Rather than having to read text information as you can with the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc, the content on Pinterest is visual. There is space to write up your descriptions and information about the visual, however it is primarily for the ease of the art/graphic etc.

Imagine having a number of different pages in a scrapbook, or several different pinboards with each topic of interest. That’s Pinterest in its loose form. 

Once you open your account you’ll be directed to several areas of interest to start up your boards. There are two types of accounts. It’s often best to start with a personal account to understand how your audience sees information. Once you’re ready, you can convert it into a business account. 

It can be a good way to show off your business products. Your audience can interact with you through repinning, sharing, liking and commenting. 

How does this work for your business?

It gets you exposure to your work. If you have a restaurant, lifestyle business, such as homeware, crafts, DIY, or wedding planning, you’re sure to win with Pinterest. 

Just as other social media platforms, you are able to build your business brand through Pinterest and increase followers and engagement, which should lead to more money in your till!

Our next blog will be the top 6 tips on making money for your business using Pinterest. So stay tuned and check back. 

That’s the basics to get you started. Go ahead and try it out. 

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