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How to change your Google Data Retention Policy

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google data retention

A Quick Look at Google’s Data Retention Policy

Google has sent an email asking for their new Google data retention policy controls to be reviewed by product users. If you have Google Analytics then no doubt you will be contacted.

Over the last few months I have been receiving many emails to opt in/opt out before GDPR comes into force this May 25th, 2022. 

My clients both in Europe and over the pond in the US are getting concerned about what they need to do. Recent feedback seems to be that this policy is difficult to put in place than the HIPAA policy. HIPAA was enacted in 1996 to safeguard personal health information (PHI) in the States. Click here to find out more the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 1996.  

I really didn’t want to jump on the GDPR bandwagon. There are so many people from different organisations telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. The bottom line is, if you’re in the UK or outside of it working with any country within the European Union, cross-pollinating information, then look to the (ICO) Information Commissioners Office website.

What is this google data retention email all about you ask?

Google are asking you to take responsibility in setting your own data retention policy whilst using their platform(s). The onus is on you to check how long you want and should retain data on your online visitors before it is deleted from google’s servers. 

The good news is Google have set up a system with some options that are close to your needs.  At the moment the data retention policy is automatically set to 26 months, which will give you information year on year, however there are other options available.

What does it look like?

Access your GA account and click admin. Follow the screenshots below 

Google data retention
Data retention slide 1 – Click Admin and follow the trail to Tracking Info
Google Data Retention Policy 2022

Once you have clicked Tracking Info a drop down menu will appear. Click Data Retention

Google data retention

As soon as you click data retention, you will find the above page with options.

Google Analytics Data Retention

Decide whether your activity should be on or off.

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