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Exporting email on LinkedIn is now controlled

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Have you ever used LinkedIn downloads to export the email addresses of your connections?

LinkedIn has stopped allowing email exporting from your account, unless you agree to having your details downloaded via their privacy option. 

Want to learn what LinkedIn email exporting is?

LinkedIn allowed users to download email addresses of their connections, which business users, such as recruiters and those in sales generating roles use. They used it to make contact outside of the social networking site. This is great news in some respects, as it has stopped unwanted emails and in some instances it may reduce the spam you may be receiving. 

It gives back the LinkedIn user the option on whether they want to allow their contacts to download their email address and use it outside of this social networking.

To review whether you want others to be able to connect with you outside of the LinkedIn platform, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Log onto your account and click:
  2. the drop down under your picture 
  3. the Settings and Privacy 
  4. the Privacy tab
  5. who can see your email address

A list of options will be available that you can review, from:

  • 1st degree connections
  • 1st & 2nd degree connections
  • Anyone on LinkedIn

This is followed by a tab on whether you want to allow your connections to download your email in their data export. You can use the slider to change your preference to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

So, where are we now? LinkedIn has defaulted this to ‘No’. However, if you feel like sharing, you have the option to change this to ‘Yes’.

If you change the option for connections or anyone from LinkedIn to be able to view your email address, this will still be available.  Note, that your connections will be restricted on downloading your email address, unless the slider is changed to ‘Yes’. 

As more of us fight with identity theft, it makes sense to be able to put this control into place. Perhaps not for those who use LinkedIn as their main generating tool. 

To read more on this article and the stance of Facebook on their email privacy downloads, click TechCrunch. 

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