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Connecting Offline With New LinkedIn Messenger

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LinkedIn Meet Up

All social media platforms are constantly changing due to the demand of what the user wants.  Today, we are constantly striving for easy and quick solutions. Improving usability by any platform means that we are able to do this at a faster pace than ever. The LinkedIn MeetUp Messenger feature is one that is providing this quick service within a few taps.  This also means that these new ways of connecting and socialising are coming out at speed, leaving some users unable to keep up with changes.

LinkedIn seems to be forging ahead with changes and as the most popular platform for professionals, it has added another new feature, which is available via the LinkedIn Messenger as of March this year. As most marketers should say, all forms of mixed marketing is important. So here goes the online connection to connecting offline effortlessly using the LinkedIn app. 

It reduces the need to check back through calendar and apps and co-ordinating with a connection and you are able to easily share your availability. Check below if you want to give this new LinkedIn Messenger a try.

How does it work?

  • Download the LinkedIn app if you don’t have it on your mobile device already
  • Log on 
  • Click the message button to one of your contacts
  • At the bottom you will see 6 icons and one looks like a calendar
  • Click the calendar icon and the time and date that best suits you
  • LinkedIn will ask whether you would like to access your calendar via this app – say yes to make this journey quicker for you
  • Once you have undertaken the above steps you will be prompted to send the message with all your available dates and times in one go to your connection
  • Before leaving the messenger, you will be asked whether you want to add it to your calendar
LinkedIn Messaging
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Please note: the pictures above are from an iOS device. To get the android experience or to read more, click here.

In addition to the above, users are able to access a place that they can meet via the location services, which is the 4th icon from the left (iOS) on the same bar mentioned above. 

This is a quick way to meet up with connections old and new. 

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