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AI for SEO – Can I Get Penalised?

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The continuous rise in using artificial intelligence still begs the question on whether AI for SEO can go against search engine guidelines. Early 2022 we wrote a blog post on whether AI generated SEO content is spam by Google. It seems not much has changed from our original article. 

With Chat GPT, Jasper and now Mozilla.AI, we reviewed whether you could get penalised for using AI for SEO. After doing much research, we reverted back to our original article referring to Search Engine Journal. Google’s search engine advocate John Mueller’s take, which is still a No according to google’s webmaster guidelines. However, on testing the question we have updated this post, read on.

Earlier this month we were invited to join Google Bard AI, which is rolling out in the US and UK. As you can imagine it was super exciting, but we were placed put on the waiting list. UPDATE: We were granted access. Here’s an experiment on the same question from Google Bard v our initial question to ChatGPT – whether businesses can get penalised using AI for search engine optimisation.

Here are the two answers:

Can Businesses Get Penalised Using AI for SEO?

ChatGPT AI returned:

‘No, businesses cannot be penalised simply for using AI for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In fact, AI is increasingly being used in SEO to improve website rankings and overall search visibility.

However, it’s important to note that some AI-based SEO practices may be considered unethical and can result in penalties from search engines. For example, using AI to generate spammy content or manipulate search results. Search engines like Google could inflict penalties. 

Therefore, it’s essential that businesses use this technology in a responsible and ethical manner, following best practices and guidelines set forth by search engines. By doing so, they can avoid penalties and potentially even benefit from improved search rankings and visibility.’

Interestingly, we saw some spammy keyword used which we took out from the above, just in case.

Google Bard Answers the SEO Conundrum On Using AI

‘Google has not penalized any websites for using AI for SEO. In fact, Google has stated that it is not against the use of AI for SEO, as long as the AI is used in a way that is beneficial to users. Google has also stated that it is not possible to detect AI-generated content without the assistance of human reviewers.

However, Google has warned that it will penalize websites that use AI in a way that is spammy or misleading. For example, if a website uses AI to generate content that is copied from other websites, or to create fake reviews, then Google may penalize that website.

Overall, the use of AI for SEO is not a violation of Google’s guidelines, as long as it is used in a way that is beneficial to users and does not violate any other Google guidelines.’

This was the first response from Google Bard AI. However, there is not a definitive answer as the other two answers stated that ‘Yes’ businesses can get penalised but did come with caveats.

The Second Response From Bard AI

‘There are a few things businesses can do to avoid being penalized by Google for using AI for SEO. First, they should make sure that the AI is being used to generate content that is of high quality. This means that the AI should be able to generate content that is relevant to the user’s search query, that is well-written, and that is original.

Second, businesses should make sure that they are not using AI to generate content that is spammy or that is designed to manipulate search results. This means that the AI should not be used to generate content that is full of keywords or that is designed to rank high in search results without regard for the quality of the content.

By following these guidelines, businesses can avoid being penalized by Google for using AI for SEO. They can also ensure that their website’s content is of high quality and that it is relevant to the needs of their users.’ Here are answers using AI.

We have been flirting with AI technology information for a number of years (due to the private surgeon market), it never fails to disappoint. Something we have learn’t is that no robot can replace a one to one interaction with a human. Well, not yet anyway!

If you are trying AI for SEO content, we would like to hear about your experience, so feel free to make contact.

However, we are a bit geeky and enjoy delving into changes of SEO. If you’re like us and want to give SEO a go yourself from a non AI point of view, try our Top 10 Quick Tips to help you get started.