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Surgeons are switching online

Managing Digital Presence

surgeons online

As the need to understand more in this digital age continues, a lot more surgeons are putting their finger on the pulse of digital technology. 

To start, the clients that I work with want to know more on how to operate online platforms.  They are getting tech savvy. I’m not talking about the 6 years medical schooling that they’ve mastered their art form in. Medical personnel are engaging not just from a personal angle, such as the odd Facebook post, but hugely from a professional perspective too. Surgeons are increasingly learning how online technology such as social media platforms can benefit them. They can see the difference it can make when building their personal brand.

Plastic surgery is transforming from sit down classroom styles to learning how to interact with patients. Surgeons are utilising online mediums to engage with prospective clients and turn them into paying patients – using online advertising and continuing online engagement.  

This upward trend of social savvy surgeons is creating better personal brand awareness online. Just have a look at LinkedIn and Twitter to start.  

In the summer, we at New Media Ghost had the privilege of attending The Royal College of Surgeons – Preparing for Consultancy event. Professor Derek Alderson highlighted the need to switch online and talked about the work undertaken by New Media Ghost to an attentive audience. 

The consultant attendees were interested to learn more on how engaging online could make a difference to their personal brand. Since earlier this year, there has been a significant interest from surgeons, and the online platform is growing. 

3 point starter plan

For medical surgeons who have not thought about their personal brand, or how they should progress their private practices by using online platforms, we offer 3 simple points to get you started:

  • Find your niche and be the specialist in your area of work. Once you target your niche area both professionally and geographically you can increase further work through building your reputation 
  • Does your biography or website tell your audience what you do? If it doesn’t, now is the time to show off your expertise
  • Do you have a call to action on every platform that you interact through? Think how your future patients can contact you. Make it easier by making your contact forms user friendly.  If you’re not available, don’t give them the opportunity to lose interest. Sign post them to someone who can give them information.