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Social Media Training Case Study

Managing Digital Presence

Social Media: Employees Wasting Work Time?

“Engaging staff to use social media through training became a profitable solution for our business”. D Richardson

An overview of what Social Media training can achieve for you or your business.


The Managing Director asked New Media Ghost to train his Estate Agency staff on using LinkedIn. Some staff had profiles and others didn’t know where to start. The client and employees were proactive in their market space on a face to face basis. Now they wanted to welcome the era of digitalisation to progress ahead. 

The problem was that some staff felt ‘too old’ to be undertaking business online. Others thought it was a cold way to connect with landlords and tenants, and were a little reluctant. Of course, some staff members were only too happy to be shown how to make their online presence a success to their prospective clients. 

The staff ranged from university graduates through to a number of senior staff approaching retirement. There was a mixed response in terms of up-skilling requirements and a reluctance for some of the team to embrace modern marketing techniques.


Every course we have written has been bespoke to each business. We reviewed each profile and what was required, including confidence and motivation in helping the unwilling members of staff to join in. In order to get the team up and ready to face the digital world, we started off with some bespoke engagment techniques. Through a series of hands on training we provided each member of staff tasks relevant to them.


All members were comfortable in using their social media profiles as a first step to getting online. Within a week, a member of staff made contact and explained that she wanted to contact a prospect abroad. It was a possible opportunity to Let a property that had great advantages for both parties. With the training and additional information provided, the business had Let not only one property but a million pounds worth of property from that one landlord.

Making contact in a specific way and engaging emotionally with your audience online can work. Why not contact us today and find out what social media training results you can achieve?

“The training provided real time results and I have been using New Media Ghost over and again for several of our other online digital needs. If there is something that they don’t do, they tell us, which is what we like the most – complete honesty with results.”

At New Media Ghost, we provide after service when we work with our clients.  It is in our interest for clients to succeed and get the most for their business.